If you have never owned a set of rhinestone fitflops then I can assure you that this post will take you on a journey into the fantastic world of this incredibly cool shoe.


Damaged by the country music vocalist, (and all at once by the stripper), and dismissed as too flashy by the public, rhinestones have actually never ever been represented in style like they ought to be in my viewpoint. If you think of it, what is a rhinestone anyway? The majority of people probably do not even know. (It’s in fact a crystal in the rigorous sense, but for style purposes is probably constructed of cheap glass or acrylic). They come in all shapes and colors, and make for some lovely patterns once you choose to do something with them that is not as outlandish as its general usage by singers and strippers. For example, they are ideal on some comfortable sandals!

For rhinestones to truly be appreciated, they must never be too big as a specific stone on your fitflops, or your clothes for that matter, or any place they are going to be connected to. A huge rhinestone is a genuine fashion synthetic pas, and isn’t really connected with the special footwear we are explaining in this brief article.


In producing rhinestone fitflops, the designers develop fantastic mix’s of stones that are gorgeous in almost all cases, and much of the designs I have seen myself are merely brilliant. A few of the most outstanding usages I have seen for them on fitflops are the little stones, most likely just the size of a pinhead, positioned in small groups on the band of the footwear. This can be used to spell out names or initials, placed in small groups on the fitflop band that make a shape (such as a heart). The rhinestones might cover the whole band of the sandal – in some cases called the “3 row” design – with choices such as colored rhinestones set versus a white fitflop, or the clear, standard rhinestones shining against a colored band. Both of these develops an easy but spectacular piece of footwear.

A bigger rhinestone on the band can be put prominently (near where the toe strap signs up with the main fitflop band throughout the top of your foot), and integrated with somewhat smaller stones running down to the base of the footwear. Rhinestone fitflops offered by fitflop usa online shop begin to get really hot when you add other stylish shoes aspects such as heels, feathers, fur and silver or metallic pieces. The designs that are developed from such cooperations are excellent and need to be seen to be thought, frequently combining with cool patterns and embedded designs.

Kids fitflops likewise work truly well with rhinestones. You’ll see some easier, however really adorable styles that kids love to wear. You’ll find these are not too costly and make fantastic presents for little girls who are only just starting to obtain thinking about fashion.

Having actually rhinestone fitflops on your feet definitely states something about the user. It states that you prefer to express yourself and have a good time. At least I know that’s how I feel when I wear mine.